Longfellow KEY Before and After School Program

General Information


Before School: Students are able to participate in a variety of activities. They may choose to participate in a group game, art and crafts, or free choice games and activities; puzzles, board games, coloring, etc. The Before School Program has a smaller number of students giving it a casual feel to help students prepare for the school day ahead.

After School: The After School Program begins with a nutritious snack provided daily. After snack students may choose an activity to participate in. The KEY Program tries to provide a variety of activities to meet the students' needs. On most days student will be able to choose from a group game, art or craft project, outside play, or free time. The After School Program tries to provide both structure and freedom for the students, allowing them to unwind after the school day while also meeting  program's goals.

Program Hours

Before School | M-F | 7:00-7:55

After School | M,T,W,F | 2:55-5:45 

After School | Th | 1:55-5:45 

Conference Days/Full Days | 7:00-5:30

Conference Days are not included in monthly tuition.  Pre-registration required.


2019-2020 Full Days

Summer Program | 7:30-5:30

Space is limited. Summer information is available after Spring Break.


Before and After = $210/month 

Before = $75/month

After = $170/month


Conference Days = $50/day

Spring Break = $150/M-Th

Summer Program:

A deposit of $50 or $80 (depending on field trips) will be due to reserve spot for given week(s).


In addition:

Full Time= $140/ 5 days per week 


Purpose and Goal


The Longfellow KEY Before and After School Program is a non-profit organization formed by concerned parents back in 1984. The goal was to overcome the before and after school care challenges faced by so many families.


The program for children attending the Longfellow School offers a wide variety of activities that enhance self-expression, exploration and further the development of the children in a safe, fun and friendly environment.


To provide students with a safe, fun and friendly environment in which they can grow and learn through free choice, play and interacting with the larger Longfellow and Iowa City community.



Waitlist Application
Parent Handbook
Summer 2018 Registration Form
Waitlist Application

Sign your child(ren) up for the Longfellow KEY Before and After School Program, by clicking the picture above and filling out the Wait List Application. You can drop it off at Longfellow Elementary main office as soon as it is filled out, or mail it to 1130 Seymour Ave, Iowa City IA, 52240. 2019-2020 school year applications are due April 1, 2019. Our selection system works as a lottery system, meaning we will select at random.

Information regarding the new district wide waitlist policy can be found here:

https://www.iowacityschools.org/domain/43                        _________

To request the Longfellow KEY Bylaws please contact our Board President at longfellowkeyboard@gmail.com

This 2020 summer, KEY will be held at Longfellow Elementary school at 1130 Seymour Avenue Iowa City, IA 52240. Summer registration will be open to the public April 1, 2020. Sign your child(ren) up by clicking the picture above and filling out the application.

Summer waitlist applications are available. Please contact Caitlyn at (319) 330 - 2668 or longfellowkey@gmail.com for more information.

June 2018 Summer Activities Calendar
July 2018 Summer Activities Calendar
August 2018 Summer Activities Calendar

KEY Staff and Board members


Caitlyn Jones- Program Director

Mason Stumberg- Site Supervisor

Erin Krabill

Emily Sones

Joel bender

Taylor Bowlin

Jackie Cole

Matt Haney

Evan Hightshoe

Conner Raes

Sophie McClatchey

Madeline Pugh

Board members:

Emily Hurst- President

Lauren Haldeman- treasurer

Jenny Anger - Secretary

Jennifer teitle

Erin Nelson


Caitlyn Jones, Program Director


Email: longfellowkey@gmail.com

KEY Phone: 319-330-2668

Longfellow KEY Board 



Longfellow KEY Address:

1130 Seymour Ave 

Iowa City, IA 52240




Tel: 319-330-2668

1130 Seymour Ave

Iowa City, IA 52240

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